Anton Nya – Photographer

Hi, my name is Anton Nya

Photography is not just about depressing the shutter release; it is more than that. It is all about composition and style. This is especially true in motorsport and wildlife photography where you can have the opportunity to create a different perspective, capture the drama, speed, and emotion all in a brief fraction of a second.

I am a Sydney based freelance photographer who has a passion for motor sports which I have followed since the age of seven. I bought my first Nikon camera when I was twenty a trusty Nikon F4 which was Nikon’s most flexible camera because it’s compatible with the widest range of lenses of any 35mm film camera which has now been replaced with my Nikon DSLR.

I enjoy being outdoors capturing life through the lens and mainly specialize in freelance sports photography writing the occasional editorials of riders and teams, where several pieces of my work have been published. 

When I am not at the racetrack, I enjoy running photography workshops for birdlife and seascapes mainly sunrise/sunsets and capturing people pursuing their passion.

I am available for sports-related assignments throughout Australia and willing to travel and complete editorials if required.

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